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How we ship

The Plant House has a lot of experience with shipping. We've shipped successfully in winter months to states like Colorado and Wisconsin. Trust The Plant House to take good care of your next plant, no matter where you live or when you order.   

We ship:

  • using UPS & FedEx so your live plant gets to you quickly

  • with generous amounts of stuffing, bubble wrap, newspaper, and care so your live plant gets to you safely

  • using good boxes with stickers that say things like 'Fragile', 'This side up', and 'Live plants' so both you and your live plant stay less stressed

If your plant will be traveling through cold weather, we encourage you to add one heat pack to your cart for every five plants in your order. We will include these in each box so your live plant stays alive. If we use fewer heat packs than you ordered, we will refund you for those we didn't use. We typically ship on Tuesdays so that your plant is not stuck en route over the weekend.  

We understand that shipping this way takes more time and costs more money than most people have grown accustomed to in the era of free, two-day shipping. We know how it feels to unbox a plant that didn't survive a careless shipment and want save you from that disappointment.  

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